Tuesday, 4 January 2011


It's been quiet, eerily so perhaps, but all is going forward - just at a much slower pace than I would have liked.  Outside forces seem to be determined to intrude on my small, internal world, but no matter, the Invisible City absorbs them all and remains itself, inviolate and eternal.

Unchanging - if constant change itself is a sort of static state, indurate, and lasting.  I do wonder at what point editing becomes simply rewriting the entire book?

There has been a lot of chatter on the various blogs I frequent and on that most transient of mediums, Twitter, but I've not had the time to be pulled into commenting here (or there) on the topics of the moment.  Criticism, the future of publishing, ebooks, and more - but for now I must keep my eye on the smoky distant horizon.

It draws closer.  And is almost here.



Anonymous said...

I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how things are going. Glad to hear progress is still being made. Your comment on editing becoming rewriting the whole book made me chuckle ... I can imagine that happening quite easily, especially with a first book. But I hope in the end you get the book you wanted to write all along :)

Eric M. Edwards said...

I've actually ended up with a book that I never thought to write at all - one that's better (I strongly suspect) then the novel that I had originally planned.

The project has developed at times a will and a momentum of its own. Verisimilitude, I know, but it feels that way when I have to occasionally pull "it" back from a direction that I did not intend nor envision.

A lot has been forcibly un-written as well - thousands and thousands of words, descriptive passages, plot threads, and whole characters, thrown on the scented pyre to keep what remains of the book warm as we huddle 'round its blaze. Sacrifices must be made.

All for the greatest good, I tell myself - and those unfortunate words.


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