Thursday, 26 August 2010

Who Will Find The Finders?

The City approaches.

The hill and its temple soon fell behind them, though for the rest of the first day whenever they might choose to rest in the lee of a blue shadow, they could see it shimmering in the far distance, until finally replaced by its mirage.  They passed over the dunes and followed the broken line of columns, worn capitals and fluted lengths blasted into smooth, truncated teeth.  They saw many sights, none of them worth noting.
Only the violent sunsets, aswirl with particulate-fed glass visions like windows cut in a cathedral of air, gave their days any hope or measure.  Little was said amongst them, even at night; their voices falling silent as they stared at the flames of the fire, faces set and blank of meaning as the stones whose path they traced.  Each lost, in a wilderness of their own.
They traveled for three days without anything much happening.  Then the sun rose one morning, white and hot, and there before them as if sprung overnight from the lifeless soil, loomed the wasteland gates leading into the City.

News arrives from distant places:  I'm now editing chapters to send off to agents.  I've still some remaining work to do on the final sections of the book, but after six months of hard graft - the Invisible City has appeared in its preliminary shape.  Work on the first draft nears completion.

How long it will take to edit and how many submissions sent in my quest to find the right agent, is anyone's guess.  In the meantime, I've got plenty to work on as the last of the book comes together.

Keep your eye on this space for future announcements.

Until then, enjoy,